KEY - UPDATE: Big Volume Starting, Big Profit Coming?

BINANCE:KEYUSDT   Selfkey / TetherUS
KEY, my favourite moon-shot, posted it's biggest volume week in some time - doubling last weeks volume .

KEY is a really interesting project, from their website, Start a new business, open a new bank account, or get documents notarized through the SelfKey Marketplace. Powered by the KEY token and priced against USD, the SelfKey Marketplace provides access to a variety of services with full transparency on documentation requirements, cost, and total processing time.

Majority of this came yesterday, With a pullback once it started to test it's upper resistance as BTC pulled the market back.

I'd expect a move up in the coming weeks at this rate. This is a low volume pair, by Binance standards at least; so resistance is limited. Big chunk of the order book got eaten yesterday.

MACD is heading to a bullish cross.
RSI is so oversold there's a picture of it in the dictionary as the definition for oversold.

Short term targets are mapped on fib up to fib 3. A comment on my previous idea said to imagine the profit if it reached $1+. Let's imagine shall we?

Big gains soon. Love you all πŸ€™

This isn't financial advice.
Comment: Closer look at the volume since the previous spike overshadows it.

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This is not Financial Advice!


upgrade plz xD
@mikealc1, Thank you for reminding me, I forgot to hit publish:

is it over ?
or we still have hope ?
reggiogeorge MagdyEl-Nidany
@MagdyEl-Nidany, Oh yes my friend, I think this is just getting started. Panic correction across the market, but we stopped well within our uptrend line, hitting a higher low. If we drop below the uptrend and close there on the daily candle, I'm bearish.

Until then the gas is in the tank, just gotta wait for the motor to start purring again.
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simple question
the target you show is written .09
and on the right scale .013

so which one you mean
MagdyEl-Nidany MagdyEl-Nidany
reggiogeorge MagdyEl-Nidany
@MagdyEl-Nidany, I'd aim fib level 1.618 and 3 as the top. so .01557 & .027. Not sure where you see .013 other than fib 1.414? Thats a potential target point but I'd aim for 1.618.

the $1 target is a long term potential; I wouldn't aim for that in the next little while but hold some for sure.
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MagdyEl-Nidany MagdyEl-Nidany