Where to buy Coke Cola #KO

NYSE:KO   Coca-Cola Company (The)
Coke Cola is a great long term stock. It has been increasing in value for decades, but of recent has been over stretched. Fortunately for us the world shat itself and KO's value has dropped. So when should you buy it?

There are 2 long term support/resistance areas $48.70 and $44.43 ( ish ). Let's see how price reacts to these levels and see if there is any buying signals/rejections.

Price is sitting around the $48.70 mark now. If we start to bounce off this line I'll take a position. If price breaks below and heads towards $44.43 I''ll take a position.

In either scenario I will buy buying the under-laying asset. Leveraged. This MASSIVELY reduces my risk. The only way I can loose money on this trade is if KO goes out of business. Not impossible, but highly unlikely, I will be using 2% of my capital to buy in with the view to add more stock to my position over time.