Lithium stocks extremely oversold on weekly and Has bullish Divs

BATS:LAC   Lithium Americas Corp.
Lithium stocks in extreme oversold spots right now, these stocks like "LAC" in my opinion is very good long-term hold with at least 400% - 560% gains in upcoming year or two. You rarely see anything as cheap as this, possible we will never see these lows again in our life times.

When stocks like TSLA and other Electronics will rise Lithium stocks will skyrocket. I expect the bigger moves begin when the weather will start to get warmer as of now the EVs having trouble with their batteries dying because of the cold, this will issue will disapear in big part of the world at spring.

"Lithium" is a chemical element known for its use in rechargeable batteries, particularly in electric vehicles (EVs) and electronics. Its high energy density and lightweight properties make it crucial for the advancement of battery technology.

Investing in lithium stocks at extreme lows could be worthwhile for several reasons:

Long-term Growth Potential: The demand for lithium is expected to surge as the shift towards clean energy and electric vehicles accelerates. This long-term growth potential could make lithium stocks attractive at low prices.

Supply and Demand Dynamics: Despite fluctuations, there's a general consensus that the demand for lithium will outpace supply in the coming years. This could drive prices up and benefit companies involved in lithium production and exploration.

Diversification: Including lithium stocks in a diversified investment portfolio can offer exposure to the rapidly growing electric vehicle market and the broader renewable energy sector.

Technological Advancements: Ongoing research and technological advancements in battery technology could further increase the demand for lithium, potentially benefiting lithium producers and related stocks.


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