$LINK: We've seen this before. What next?

BINANCE:LINKUSD   ChainLink / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Ok there's a lot going on here, but $LINK has been following this pitchfork channel pretty well for almost its entire existence, so we have some precedent to work with.

- 4 separate times it has touched and or broken below the lower blue 1.0 deviation on the pitchfork . After each of these times it's pumped pretty hard.
- Chainlink has also climbed steadily in a nice channel before a breakout multiple times, as indicated by the orange boxes.

I think that the market is primed for summer and that we'll see some ridiculous growth in the next few months. HOWEVER! I wouldn't be surprised to see people capitulate and for $LINK to retrace back to $20 dollars and touch that lower blue 1.0 pitchfork prong.

Either way. I'm stacking linkies as much as I can. It's literally the most important project in all of defi and arguably all of crypto. I'm so comfortable in $LINK it's not even funny. Short term price action is just for entertainment :)


~ maxbro