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NYSE:LMND   Lemonade, Inc
LMND is at a very attractive price, it is a great idea to put it in the long term investment basket. Below we are going to discuss Fundamental analysis as technical prices can be shown on the chart.

LMND management and board:

1- Founder and CEO: Daniel Schreiber

From His Linkedin page we can see that he served in the following companies and positions before being the CEO of Lemonade:

A- Alchemedia, Inc as Co-Founder and CEO: this company been acquired by GroupM which is a Global media investment management company for WPP’s media agencies including Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker, Essence. We do not have a lot of information on Alchemedia except it is a media planning & buying agency in South Korea.

The only strange indication is that this man does not sit in one country. From Korea to USA to Tel Aviv. Anyway lets continue.

B- M-SYSTEMS as a Vice President, Marketing & Business Development: This is a technology company that create and invent hardwares. Also not much dedetails about the company except their website is in Greek language. This is another indication about the person being a traveller.

C- SanDisk as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Network Operators: Now we are talking about holding a high position in a company with international brand name. He worked from 2007 to 2011 in multiple positions and responsibilities, being 4 years in such company mean that he is doing good work, there are multiple long job descriptions for positions he held in the SanDisk but I am not going to go through them all.

D- President and Board member of Powermat: Powermat Technologies Ltd. is a developer of wireless power solutions for consumers, OEM and public places. The company licenses IP , sells charging spots to public venues and the software to support their maintenance, management and consumer interaction.

E- Founder and CEO of Lemonade: Discussed.

The second guy of Lemonade is Shai Wininger, is guy is a legit person, lets go through his profile:
A- Co-Founder CPO , CTO of Mobideo Aerospace: Industrial grade analytics and control platform, connecting workforce data, machines and people.

B- Non Executive Co-Founder, Board Member of Santa Inc
Santa is the next generation of retail, a new kind of shopping experience that magically brings a personalized store to each customer’s door within minutes. The Santa app notifies users when nearby and facilitates the discovery of premium products curated from top national and global brands as well as local artisans and small businesses—spanning from fashion and home decor to toys and electronics. Customers can experience Santa’s assortment in their home with no commitment before the purchase is completed in the app. Santa is now serving residents of Frisco and Plano. To discover or download Santa, visit

C- Founder of Fiverr since 2010. I do not think this company need any introduction.

This guy is a machine but I am not sure whether he going to settle in this company LMND or will also move from his position and open the next company as insurance companies really need care and continuing reputation caring.

And the third wing of Lemonade is Ty Sagalow, his profile include
Board of Advisors- Metabiota, Senior Advisor of BlockRe, CEO of Innovation Insurance Group, LLC,
He even wrote a book about founding Lemonade called The Making of Lemonade .

I will continue with Business description and insurance industry below.
Comment: LMND: Lemonade Business Model

Lemonade offers renters, homeowners, auto owners and pet health insurance using AI-driven apps to make it easier for customers to obtain coverage and file claims while also maximizing the insurer's internal efficiency.

What make Lemonade a different insurance is their new way of introducing insurance to youngester whom have zero experience in insuring their stuff, this is due to how simple lemonade made its application process and website/app.

Introducing new generations to insurance is not an issue, the issue is to keep them within Lemonade services and that does not happen except with competitive prices and competition.

When you enter their website you can see that how easy it is to register but obviously it will come with specific problems such as when claims happen, they need to take picture/video of incident.

Due to their they are entering into matured market which mean their prices can't at least now become as efficient as their competitors whom have enough market share to reduce their prices. This can be solved by having less cost that competitors but again this thing can be done by market leaders. LMND Lemonade is still in their expansion phase. One year investment is not an ideal to see results in such company.

In home AI developed by Lemonade make it easier for claims to be raised and for insuring and reduct time of preparation of paperworks and employees envolved. Traditional insurance companies will struggle to adapt and almost impossible as employees and management with established structure and jobs to change their positions and reduce replaceable job description with tech.

MUST read: You can have an overall idea over their AI in this website link (Main Official Post:
Comment: LMND Lemonade potential growth.

When we look at the chart we can see that the potential of the company to grow as it reached to 188 dollars per share and now it went as low as 39 dollars per share.

The company profitability is not made yet but the company show increase in market share and turnover, we should expect this as the company is still growing their market share and at the beginning it will take much time.

Both founders Shai and Daniel does not have experience in insurance prior to idea of founding Lemonade but they were pretty experts in technology. It is a good mix but we as investors need to be really cautious of anything go wrong.

I see the price now really attractive for long term investment around 44 dollars per share but still price can go as low as 23 dollar per share as the chart show. lower than that I would say that something is wrong, either internally inside the company LMND or macro-economics (a crisis maybe). if its the later which mean its discount season but if its the first then it will be the time to pull out.
Comment: $LMND

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