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This is just a response to Without Worries LTC analysis where I can post pictures because I was unable to on his post. I really like WW he is a fantastic trader and analyst and chartist. I just disagree with his current position on LTC. I believe there is more to LTC than just TA. Fundamental analysis is important here and Ill explain below.

Thank you for your chart and analysis. Possible it breaks down that hard but definitely not probable especially with the SEC suing everyone and their brother for securities sales etc. Litecoin is one of only 4 cryptos allowed in USA for institutional and accredited investors because of its regulatory clarity. I follow the big money and big money has access to it along with 3 others. Baakt added it last month, might not seem like a big deal but its just getting ready for the inflows of capital from the big players as they have been for a few years now, quietly in the background while no one is looking waiting to see what regulations come out. Also EDX Markets is an institutional cryptocurrency exchange backed by Citadel Securities, Fidelity Digital Assets, Charles Schwab Corporation, Virtu Financial and Sequoia among others. The exchange offers trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. Litecoin hasn't had any real developments in a little while but its not dead by any means. It serves its purpose, the updates and upgrades happened over the last ten years. Its not a new crypto with a bunch of flaws and exploits, those kinks were ironed out a long time ago. The saying goes dont fix something if its not broken. Bitcoin hasn't had an update or upgrade in a long time either does that mean its dead? No it doesn not, so the argument of its dead because no developments is a moot point. Fundamentals matter in this case because of how young this crypto market is compared to the rest of the traditional markets. Its just starting to get wrangled in now, so the wild wild west days are over. Pretty soon the USA will shut down all exchanges in the USA except for 2 and the rest of the world will follow. One for the average person and one or two for institutions and accredited investors. Institutions and accredited investors will not touch this with a ten foot pole until there is clear regulation. Dont believe me? Look at what they did to Binance and CZ, in a totally different country. The USA has very long tentacles and what it does the rest of the world follows voluntarily or forcefully. CZ thought he was an untouchable billionaire but all it took was a week and he caved, without a fight and gave up billions in fines and stepped down because its a losing battle against the USA. Right now like I mentioned above SEC and CFTC have seen LTC and 3 others as a non security out of a million cryptos out there, that matters more than anything in my opinion. Im not saying that its impossible for Litecoin to go to zero or dump as hard as you say but that would mean that BTC also dumps down to 10k and the traditional markets dump as well. It would be a global dump not just Litecoin. Im not betting on that right now but anything surely is possible.

Also as a response to your trendline, please see below. A trendline has lots of wiggle room and many different ways to draw it.

I also wanted to share a comparison to the DOGE/BTC chart. Dont forget Doge is merge mined with Litecoin, and Doge has an infinite supply, creating 12 million new Doge everyday forever so it can remain relevant and miner will want to mine it.

As you can see the Doge/BTC chart is very similar to the LTC/BTC chart. Breaking below the trendline is not uncommon and whenever it does it would rally hard to the top until its final push through resistance trendline and went on a mega parabloic straight up no pull back rally. I believe this is the same thing that will happen once Litecoin "catches fire" which I believe will be Spring 2024.
This is the LTC/BTC chart.

Here is a more complete picture of the LTC/BTC chart. This one shows that LTC has broken out of the falling wedge/channel and is now retesting the top side of the wedge. This is important becasue it is now right at its previous lows from June of 2022. Last months candle closed above the previous low so we are seeing higher lows. This months candle is still new and has a ways to go but I think that LTC is about to fly.


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