Mana is full. Ready to cast magnifiscent spell🌈

At current market we have to be careful. If on breakout we see volume , it's better to close trade straight away. Use half the volume .

Reasons to take long
⭐️ BTC in range
⭐️ Accumulation 10 days
⭐️ Level is 51d old
⭐️ Level is visible on multiple timeframes
⭐️ Buyer appeared at bottom
⭐️ Volume at bottom
⭐️ 4th touch
⭐️ 30 ATR

Will enter when price squeezes to the level on lower timeframes, the base will form and the strip will get faster.
If you don't understand the previous sentence, just use swing stop-loss 3-5%

Fix profit by parts:
1% - 1/3
2% - 1/3, stoploss to breakeven
What's left, hold to the maximum

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P.S. Always do your own analysis before a trade. Put a stop loss. Fix profit in parts. Withdraw profits in fiat and reward yourself and your loved ones

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