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Hi traders:

Most of the crypto are in its corrective phase, and I wanted to wait for further development on them.
Whereas for MATIC, it actually has a clean bullish price action that could give us some buy opportunities.

We can see from my previous analysis and trade that I entered, price indeed pushed up very impulsively.
However, it was follow by the crypto market crashed and it dropped quite a bit.

What's good from the technical perspective is that, after a bearish move down, it was follow by a reversal impulse move up.
This is usually a great indication that the bearish momentum is no longer valid,
and if we see continuation bullish price action, then it can give us a good buy potential.

Latest price does indeed breakout of the continuation correction, so look for any lower time frame correction for the buys to the previous tops.

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Agreed, thanks a lot fam
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jojofang0901 Investroy
@Investroy, waiting for confirmations :)
You have very clean structure analysis, thank you for sharing.
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jojofang0901 SunnyHillCapital
@SunnyHillCapital, hey thank you appreciate it :)
thanks for your chart
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@YMGroup, your welcome :)
awesome plan mate
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thx bud :)
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@AtlasTrades thank you