MATIC - 1/2 Profit Taken (1$ or 1,27$ could be next)

MATIC went great during the weekend, as we expected:
@Alirezakashian :
''MATIC is not even elephant nail 🐘 comparing to ADA ...to be honest...all these speculations will help people to lose money more and more and get poor more and more.... So please be honest with all audiences.''

Professor replies:
Target was reached so hopefully some people did well on this one.
In any case you all need to understand these are my charts and what i trade. I can be responsible only for my trading, not my opinions. So always DYOR or get out of tradingview and go fishing or some other hobbies (🐘 elephant pedicure maybe?).
Some people need to go 'poorer' as you said for others to go 'richer'. Just like supply and demand that is the game of trading. Buyers sellers, losers winners.

The game of trading is to pick the asset which is Hot now: I never posted about Matic until recently and it is pumping so i guess i am doing something right.

The same way I used to post a lot about ADA when that was pumping.. then Sandbox while that was pumping.... So yes, i do have a tendency to post more about where i see potential. More times i am right sometimes i am not.

At the same time don't forget i always hedge (even my ideas here!).
I do go short on some assets like i did with Luna:

So yes 'Mr Ali' and all Mr 'Tradingview critics':
Some will go poorer and some will get richer.
Most likely the 'crying babies' and 'critics that never post anything' will be in the first category...allow some others that pay attention to be in the second.

From my experience: 85% will lose money. Even in spot crypto where the worst case scenario is you lose all your money (x1 , one time) and the best case scenario is you make x100 or x1000
Diversify, avoid leverage if you are a noob, remember to have patience and i think you can be alright!

Things are SIMPLE: Taking profit on Matic today, half position remains open for later/hopefully higher. Mission accomplished.

One Love,


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