NYSE:MAXR   Maxar Technologies Inc
After recapturing its 200 day moving average last week on healthy volume , shares of MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES INC. - NYSE:MAXR appear to be nearing a potential break-out into higher ground as we can observe from the Daily chart above.

With MAXR now trading above all of its important moving averages 20/50/200 DMA's, the stock finds itself in a healthy technical posture potentially seeking greener pastures in the days/weeks ahead.

In particular, should MAXR be capable of taking-out the $10. 05 figure and 'stick' at any point in the days ahead, such development, should it materialize, would like signal/trigger that the stock wants higher ground with and initial objective in the $12 - $13 zone, while from a longer-term perspective, a secondary objective in the $17 area.

Thus, both investors/traders may want to continue to monitor the action in MAXR closely and of most importance, a break above the $10. 05 level that can sustain as a sign that things may just be about to heat up.

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