Happy new year ! Long term buy and hold

MPLX - This is one of my favorite stocks for my long term portfolio.
Wave count suggests a big rise wich in itself is awesome but this company has also great dividens !
So, buy it and keep it for a few months/years.
I certainly will !
Comment: I also wanted to wish all of you a fantastic new year.
Enjoy this evening with family (and friends if you're allowed) and let's hope 2021 will be better than current one.

I wish you all good health and great success in your trading career and in your life !

It has been a real pleasure sharing with all of you this year (although, it's not been as frequent as I would have liked but 2021 will be way more actif).

See you next year !!! 🥂🎊🎉
Comment: Fifth leg done.
Pulling back now

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Thanks !