MRNA on resistance line

NASDAQ:MRNA   Moderna, Inc
MRNA seems to be on a resistance ($156.65), if it passes it then the next resistance is $158. If it doesnt pass it then it will most likely enter low 140s again.
Comment: Breakthrough just happened reaching highs of $147.29, possibly fake. Something similar may happen as 18th march, making the next resistance at $147.53.
Comment: MRNA broke through, it's closing in on the RSI right now so be careful.
Comment: Everything happened as predicted, it went down to quite a bit, I will be ready to open positions at $138.75 as that is the support i gave.
Trade active: Got in at $139.44, went in a bit late due to brokerage issues but either way an excellent bullish trend.
Trade active: Next resistance is at $148, might close there if it reaches that depends If it looks bearish. I will buy back lower for a bit extra profit in that spread. Very positive that it will reach $150 soon.
Trade active: MRNA went seems steady on the support around $138.20.
Trade active: Still holds very well at the support of $132-$133. Still bullish and I'm not surprised if there is a reversal soon, the overall market is just bringing MRNA down so once this is done I'm pretty confident that MRNA will be good.