MSTR - 2024's Best High Beta Play

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BATS:MSTR   MicroStrategy
After entering MSTR at $200 in January of 2023, it is evident that MicroStrategy shines as the ideal stock to generate profit day after day. Given its high beta nature and volatility based on Bitcoin's movement, we can price MSTR in a manner that is fixed to Bitcoin's price.

The reasoning is that MicroStrategy believes, and has believed, that BTC is the most appropriate store of value now and in the future.

It appears that they may be correct.

I am anticipating MSTR to surpass $1750-1775 and reach $2,000.

BTC should hit $75,000 at that point.

This is where I will decide to sell off some shares in anticipation of a price correction down to $800-$1250 per share of $MSTR. At this time, I believe Bitcoin will fall to 52K to 55K. It should, in order to make sense, considering liquidity in the market.

As of 3/13/2024, it costs $42,000-$47,000 USD to mine 1 BTC , based on the average cost of electricity globally.

I believe we will see a very common "sell the news" event come April prior to, or during, the halving. Bitcoin will correct.

The halving will double the complexity to mine one Bitcoin, which will push the electricity cost to the range of $84,000-$95,000 USD.

This will be the next gap up, and Bitcoin will continue to reach historical highs.

Stay tuned.

Price action is tracing Bitcoin, as expected.

There's been a drop from $73,000-$74,000 USD for 1 BTC to a $63,000 USD for 1 BTC , as of 03/19/2024.

This has played out in less than two weeks time.

$700-$800 would be the price-fixed support level for MSTR based on a $52,000-$55,000 USD $BTC.
Here is the updated Daily for more precise values.

I made a mistake by indicating that the downtrend would take 379 days.

Here's an update of my chart view.

Note: My predictions have remained the same.
Please read previous updates to this idea.

We did touch $2000 as I predicted in my March 13th, 2024 posting.
Now, the crash.

WOW, look at the chart follow my line down... almost perfect!

There was the anticipated crash as mentioned last week.
Will it further down to 52-55K?

It is hard to say at this stage. I simply don't know.

We're at a break point. Either we spike back towards a 100K BTC or we fall more to a 52-55K $BTC.

I won't re-enter unless it does fall down to a $700-$1000 MSTR or a $52,000-$55,000 BTC

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