TVC:NDQ   US 100 Index
Investing isn't always that easy, heh?

Especially in Bear Markets, the market circumstances seem to trick one into thinking, that the next bull run will happen soon.
The Bull is climbing up the stairway and it takes a while, whereas the bear jumps out of the window.
Looking at YTD 32.88% decline as of 27.06.2022 in the US TECH 100 is one of the worst Q1 and Q2 in the history of US markets.
Inflation is at 8,6% in the United States (10.06.2022) and around 7.5% in Europe. The western world faces a huge backlash after rising the interest charges by 0.75 percentage-points to a range between 1.5%-1.75%.
Covid-19 is still around and has sluggished the world economy and growth view for the past two years.
Facing climate change may be one of, if not the biggest threat of the 21. century and the Ukraine conflict does not make it look better at all:- )

All the Quantitative Easing and Printing money have led to massive inflation all over the place. The only real solution is to simply "produce more".
Sounds easier than it's done, with a view to collapsed supply chains.


RSI is at lows forming a triangle, indecision. 200MA is a good trivial indicator to get a minimum idea of the AVERAGE price of this derivate.
I think a retest of 14.500 is in play, after which the bear market could continue.
I think we have not seen the bottom here, since the real sell-off hasn't happened yet.
Being liquid in dangerous times is the best thing you can do and is actually the only way to really make some money.
So, catching a falling knife is always a risky thing to do, but if you catch it, this could change your life.
These kinds of opportunities are not that often in life, maybe once in a lifetime or once every one or two decades.

The NASDAQ doubled in on year, literally mooning, due to the printed money, which was flooded into the markets, to catch the markets and secure a fluid economy, but guess what, we have used our last gun powder, and no we are facing the costs of this two-year printerage.
It was necessary, but the consequences are real and in my personal opinion, most of the stocks are overpriced. I'm just gonna say it, they are OVERPRICED. Especially tech and housing market looks bubbly and an honest recovery after a healthy bull market from literally the 2008 crisis.
So I think we can go down and test the highs before the Covid-19 Crash (16.03.2020) at around 10.000 points.
I feel like September could be a stop to raising rates, which would lead to more upside, but IF we somehow manage to find a bottom and to not test lower levels, highs as 20.000 until 2024 is absolutely in play!

No one knows what will happen, so my personal bet would be bearish until the market, the government and the economy gives massive positive signals to the public, to reenter a bull market.
Until then i personally stay bearish and stay liquid. I try to average in an amount here and there from time to time. At one point it will turn because everything comes to an end at a certain point.

All right, if you made it until here, thanks for reading!
Take care,
Trade closed: target reached:
Trade closed, worked out perfectly!!!

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