The NASDAQ and Yield Curve Inversion Battle Plan

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NASDAQ:NDX   Nasdaq 100 Index
The NDX & Yeild Curve Inversion Pattern suggests that price is bouncing very technically and logically at a long term support trend line . The bubble phase will be complete when price action gets a lot of "white space" between itself and the trendline and the yield curve inverts again in about 2 years.

There is definitely a lot of uncertainty in the market and lots of divergent and conflicting opinions. Lots of conflicting news as to why price could go up, down, or sideways. Ideally TA is suppose to help people see through the noise to make rational decisions in the moment you find yourselves in. A lot of this is pattern recognition and probabilities and sometimes, trite sayings to reenforce deeper lessons.

Some of the first trite trading sayings sayings you could have been exposed to:
  • The trend is your friend until the end
  • So long as the music is playing keep dancing
  • bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered

Lets keep those in mind going forward

There are several stages to a bubble and adept traders and investors will be able to negotiate the market with some understanding of what phase the bubble is in. Generally, there is a fair value stage of the bubble and I have that in the orange channels on the NDX and orange zones in the yield curve portion of the chart.

Both orange zones go on for about two years and show lots of uncertainty or even chaos in the financial markets. The late 1988 to mid 1990 saw the end of the Saving and Long Crisis which was a pretty serious event. Looking back the dollar amounts seem relatively small compared to the money that is sloshing around now. The 2005 to 2008 yeild curve inversons kicked off the 2008 financial crisis and it took years for the NDX to return to the swing high of the yield curve inversion.

Eventually the uptrend increases its angle of assent and the blue trend line appears. This becomes our long term support and so long as price action stays pretty close to the trend line the bubble can inflate for years. During this time yield curve inversions drive price action back down to the blue trendline. So long as the trendline holds you have a very logical reason to buy. The music is still playing and the trend is your friend until the end. There are many pull back systems you could use to buy the dip technically.

Below is the NDX on the weekly with the 200 EMA . Every time it has hit the 200 EMA since 2010 it has been an outstanding buy. It is super easy to set stops down there as well. Whether you like that or not it is a very technical buy and very justified. You can buy dip bearing in mind that "Bulls make money.... pigs get slaughtered"

The blow off phase of the bubble occurs when there starts to get a lot of white space between the blue trendline and price action. Once that happens you know that price is going to go below that level because that is how bubbles work.

Quite frankly, when I see the white space and the yeild curve inverts again it is basically time to close longs within the next 30=60 days. There may be some more upside but it will be at the end of a bubble, no point in being to greedy and holding to long.

I see the United States stock market going crazy for the next two years to the upside and then crazy to the downside for another two years. I don't see precious metals having their run until after a lot of the damage from the NDX bubble pop happens. Gold futures bottomed about halfway through the NDX bear market and i think it would be fair to see that happening again.

I see crypto going crazy to the upside along with NDX and then having an even crazier downside and that would be the first true bear market for crypto that occurs with a NDX bear market. There is going to be a lot of pain and misery and lots of projects getting the Luna treatment. My linked idea on the XABCD Butterly will show that disaster scenario.

My trades
I have taken a shining to a couple of cryptos, some new and some old. I still like DASH, DAOUSDT looks good, Kadena looks great. I hope to beat as much money out of these coins while the music is still playing and then hopefully get out before the financial market seizes up again. I think that if things go well for 2 years and my targets get reached before then should be able realize the gains before any catastrophe makes my funds unavailable. Last thing I want is my trades and equity be used to "bail in" the exchanges so they don't have to pay me out.

Comment: It has been about three weeks and we see that the Nasdaq has popped up and has been correcting for a while now. My replies to other commenters show that I consider this to be a normal ABC correction before the uptrend continues. After today the Nasdaq futures are developing some bullish divergence which suggests the uptrend is poised to continue.

Comment: Nasdaq Futures (left) appear to be painting a W bottom with a higher right valley. Trading that would be very easy. SPXUSD is looking to have closer to a pure double bottom with very little difference between both bottoms. The easiest trade for each would be a move to the 1.618. This sets up NDX for a proper bull trap and SPX for a double top scenario.

My assumption is NDX will take out its previous high and move to a blow off top. No telling on how long that will take exactly but I am still preparing for a two year move to the upside before disaster.


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