NASDAQ 100 short

NASDAQ:NDX   Nasdaq 100 Index
Good risk reward ratio for shorters, potentially a big correction incoming

Similar pattern all across the market, longs should thread carefully
Comment: Good drop, 10% since top
Short term traders or people with confidence that it is only a corrective wave can take a profit to secure the trade or at least lower the stop loss

Buyers should wait for a bottom to form, or use elliott wave theory to get a sense of when to buy back

Note : the target zone is a reference only, even if it is a strong possibility, but will probably take a long time.
Comment: 13% drop since the top, over 20% in top stocks such as Amazon

We are at a good first profit taking zone
Letting the rest ride
Comment: Warning was given

There is still room for a lot of downward movement

Trade closed: target reached: We should see a relief rally for a dead cat bounce in not too long.
Shorters should start being cautious in the short term.
Mid term, things are still looking grim for now

Trade closed: target reached: Rally in progress.

I expect long positions to get some profit, to secure the counter-trend trade, or unload some very long term positions on the bounce on the back of reckless shorters predicting the end of the world.

Great volatility overall
Trade closed: target reached: Mid term target reached at 5900, Final target is still 5300-5500 after a successful counter rally trade
Profit has been taken on the way down gradually
Be careful of the new year's strong volatility

I'm keeping some to run for a potential stronger crash

This idea will probably be closed soon for a newer idea if we see a reversal early 2019


Wish I saw this yesterday.
Nidalas PierreVisconti
@PierreVisconti, Don't worry, there is always possibility to join a pullback (with proper smaller sizing of the position due to greater risk), or even another opportunity