Neo Long...cant beleive i am saying it

Ok, for me Neo still may well fall back again but i think here would be a good risk reward scenario, against btc neo broke through the moving averages i use on the 144 minute interval, so it stands a good chance of good performance against BTC since NEO will usually move more violently in either direction than btc it leads me to think that any rises in BTC will see nice larger gains in NEO

Also i draw my predicted rout against usd
Trade closed manually: Sorry folks. I would say you get the odd one wrong its to be expected but this was utter garbage TA, lazy, rushed, not in anyway near good enough to be published. So i apologise for this one i wont do sper of the moment on the hop ideas again or tradres for that matter. I just saw something i thought might happen imminently didnt look at much at all, even looking at those 2 charts i should of seen my idea was very unlikelly to happen. Shame it cant be deleted haha