NQ - ATHs Tested and Rejected

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
As Fate would have it the NQ managed, once again, to tear my bottom another one.

We began SELLING NQ early ahead of the NYSE open, from 630 to 700 within a large
Inverse Ladder.

By the time it reached 700 - the Net Position was down 31K.

Fortunately, and here's that nasty word... Patience.

Yeah, naw, I exhibited less than a good measure of it. IN truth, a larger than usual

The rationale was, by the EU Session Price will drop back into Profit.

Which is did, that Account took me for the "Kiss the Dirt" ride - again.

It did as anticipated and reversed ahead of the ES Session Close on the 10:30 AM Bar.


The original Trade Plan was to set a Limit SELL @ 696, After copious amounts of Java,
the brown juice took over... "screw it, let's get to work."

After having missed my FILL on CL , only to see it begin its usual grind into the Pit Open,
frustration there as I missed by exactly 3 Ticks.

Acceptance, usually not an issue, became one.

NO matter - shook it off and moved on to the Nasty... It delivered the Spoonfuls of
required restraint on the INV Ladder to 60 CTs .

Once the Position turned Positive, the desire to reset was in full swing.

Why did I botch this trade?

I wanted to know, how could I repeat the prior mistake of last week with the Nasty.

After Closing the position in a solid profit and reflecting on the decision to simply
Limit Nasty @ 696 to 710 - SELL there and hang on for 11 AM EST...

Yeah, naw, again...


One Answer, One word.

Keep it simple, overthinking Sh_t, ends badly for everyone in trading.

Today is over before 11:30 AM EST.

I have a Degenerate to find within and exorcise.

Does anyone know a good Demon Killer?

Hunter Killer needs to exorcise this Nasty B_tch.
Comment: Closed NQ @ +$10,301

Done for today - SOH until the Demon is gone.