Complete analysis. 322,62 USD +10,12 (3,24%)

Tehnical :
1. We are in a very sharp uptrend, which indicates that buyers or bulls are in control.
2. We do not have any bigger pullback. For a healthy trend we need pullbacks, they are needed.
3. When we do not have any pullbacks in uptrendm we say trend is extended, and has a possibility of a big pullback or even a reversal.
4. We crossed the resistance on very low volume - i know we are at the beginning of a new week, but that is not important that much, for a successful breakout we need a big volume , period. We do not have big volume on weekly chart. We have a big volume on daily chart , which is good and possibility of a fake breakout is smaller.
5. Today we are up 3.24% which is a good indicator.
6. On hourly chart we are already reversing ! - possibility of a retest is bigger - do not enter yet.
7. On hourly chart we broke With a huge volume .
8. Wait for a retest, if we fail a retest do not try to enter, if we bounce back with confidence, consider enering stock. ( 317.30 )
9. It could happen that we break the support line, and consolidate below or above this line. In this case wait for a clear direction of a trend with a synch volume .
10. On 4 hourly chart we are too extended, so retest or a pullback will occur.
11. Expect a reversal also, when we make a new high we are in a very vulnerable position, because we can create double top , if we do not have enough buying support we can only pray.
12. Consider having the middle of the candle that breakout as a support area . ( i teach that in my program )
When we have big extended candles, we have a psyhological support at the middle of that big candle.

Fundamental : ( today )
Open- 312,30
High- 324,50
Low- 311,15
Mkt cap- 197,60B
P/E ratio- 71,31
Div yield- 0,20%
Prev close- 312,50
52-wk high- 324,50
52-wk low- 132,60

Nvidia Stock Is A BUY
However, the mega deal remains on track for now. Nvidia is a leader in the fabless chip group, which is regaining momentum as industry headwinds ease and the China trade war eases. But some analysts suggest the coronavirus risk could chill the electronics end market through 2020.

(USD) Jan 2020 Y/Y
Revenue- 3.1B 40 .82% +
Net income- 951M 68.02% +
Diluted EPS- 1.53 66.3% +
Net profit margin- 30.63% 19.32% +
Operating income- 990M 236.73% +
Net change in cash- 1.13B 1754.1% +
Cash on hand 10.9B- 1293.35% +
Cost of revenue 1.09B- 9.22% +

Street analysts are Bullish on NVDA , while Seeking Alpha authors are Neutral. The stock has a Quant Rating of Neutral.

The firm's Ranvindra Gill and team raised its price target to $360, implying 12.7% further upside; the company's shares rose 47% since Needham's last upgrade and "have blown past" the prior price target, they say.

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Kudos to you for such detailed charts and accompanying description. For someone like me who only knows the basics, these details are gold nuggets. Thank you! (upvoted & followed)
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thank you for your support. I appreciate it. I always try my best.

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