strategy over next 3 weeks should be profitable (volatility)

15 year old trader in England comment your ideas want to know what u think

Over the next 3 weeks I believe if you wait for volatility peaks or volatility consolidation trading sideways basically and then take a short or long position depending on economic data coming over this week this will create vol in the markets which will help the strategy create the ideal market conditions to take a position. This week many economic events are happening meaning markets will correlate to these events meaning there will be a reason behind the madness meaning before the data is released equites could trade sideway and then react to the data released going long or short. This strategy should be profitable while taking other fundamental and technical factors into account

volatility should increase over this week because traders will want to trade the economic data coming in this week which will mean either two things equites will consolidate or there will be a burst of liquidity over this week which could be crushed if the fed decide to hike rates even further which will cause liquidity to deuterate even further causing markets to consolidate. this means extended high volatility periods are inevitable which could mean a hard week for traders as there is no liquidity for them to exit their positions. the strategy i have outlined could be affected by this but by taking the money flow index into account before taking a trade it will mean if there is a extended period of volatility liquidity should follow but we could be trading sideways for the next few week. as i have shown here their are so many possible outcomes this week because of the pure amount of variables but if I believe this strategy will mean all of these possible situations will be tradable meaning it could be profitable over the next 3 weeks


Over the next week we have the producer price index data this measures the change in input price of goods and services, it measures the input costs. if the input costs rises it will mean a decrease in profit margin for business and rising costs for the customer and if it falls decreasing costs for the customer and increasing profit margins for the business. this will impact the strategy because if the data is better investor confidence will increase in the current health of the business which will mean and increase of buyers providing liquidly to the market and of course the opposite for if the data is worse than we expected. as well as the core retail sales date which basically measures the sales at the retail level in the us which will be impacted by current consumer spending with credit spending be very high at the moment the forecast is higher than the previous. but it should be the opposite because of recessionary fears which shows a slight bit of compliancy by the American consumer. if the forecast is positive as expected it should be bullish for equites especially retail stocks such as WMT. As well as large decisions coming from the fed with the interest rate decision coming in which could completely change the markets liquidity and direction in addition to the FOMC economic projections which will affect investor confidence for the good or bad we will see. all off these factors will affect the market deeply. which will be a perfect condition for the strategy to operate

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