KUCOIN:OCEANBTC   Ocean Protocol / Bitcoin
OCEAN/ BTC looks primed for price increase here:

A near picture perfect Livermore accumulation cylinder
has been printed and is stalling before its next leg up,
the 8 impulse wave, which in Livermore cylinders is one
of the two most violent waves.
Price has increased on increasing volumes (indicated by
the + signs) and has decreased on decreasing volumes,
(indicated by the - signs)
During the 8th and 9th wave we expect volume to be
very large and price to be reflected by sharp movements
upwards, potentially getting to the 1 zone of the fib
retracement tool

Adding conviction to this thesis is that the MA30 has
crossed above the EMA100 which has been a tell tale
sign this bull market of which coins have/are gaining

Ichimoku is mostly bullish:
-Kumo cloud is green
-Lagging span is above price and cloud
-Price is above cloud
-TK is above cloud

However it still has work to do before it is fully bullish:
-TK is bearish
-Price is below TK

If support holds above gray line @.00002341 and the
Livermore cylinder begins to play out, we may expect
that relatively quickly the TK will cross bullishly and
price will rise above the TK , confirming the whole chart
being bullish at that point.