Hello all after quite long time of choppy mess in the market. This is not financial idea i am posting this just for educational purposes. Always do your own research.

What we can see here is altcoins dominance ratio. If increasing, alts are going up. On this chart - monthly - there is a retest of very strong resistance which flipped in to support... once this support is confirmed by touch of current monthly candle - we can continue much higher for the real alt season. This level MUST hold. This chart means very nice clue what we can expect from the market. As there is a summer market can be lazy a bit but as u already know... anything can happen in crypto world.

Most of alts in BTC pairs are setting up for huge moves upside. BTC is going sideways and i dont think it can go lower because it took already a long time.... which is more like re-accumulation part. Let's see what whales have prepared for us.

Stay safe, stay happy and if you need any help about trades, market, whatever....i am here. Cheers!
Comment: Next month can be green as it is drawn on the charts - that would mean very nice gains in alts... lets see... still 21 days to go :)