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Welcome to my new analysis about PLATINUM FUTURES on the global timeframe perspective. The precious metals market is moving into a decisive momentum within the recent times as developments within the financial markets point to a continuation of exceptionally high interest rates within vast majorities of economies and a continuation of hawkish interest rate approaches. An market with continued higher interest rates is pointing to an main indication of a more bearish determination for the precious metals market. If there is no change in the hawkish FED policies and a turning point into more dovish policies decreasing interest rates this is likely to setup the continuation of a bearish indication for precious metal derivatives such as PLATINUM FUTURES. This in combination with a strong DXY, U.S. Dollar Currency Index is increasing opportunity costs of holding precious metal derivatives such as PLATINUM FUTURES, especially within the currencies baskets this is likely to decrease long open interst and increase open interest in short positions to hedge against a depreciating fiat currency pointing to a bearish precious metal scenario.

From a technical perspective the signs are definitely worthwhile to consider here as PLATINUM FUTURES form this gigantic descending-channel-formation in which PLATINUM FUTURES already completed several massive bearish waves to the downside increasing bearish pressure and momentum forming several lower lows and pointing to a higher likelihood possibility of a continuation within the descending-channel-formation. Within this channel PLATINUM FUTURES also form the coherent wave-count with the waves A to C being already completed and now within the formation of the wave D PLATINUM FUTURES are forming this gigantic triangle-formation which is likely to complete within the next times. A breakout below the lower boundary of the triangle-formation will setup the origin of a continuation into the bearish direction and a substantial extension of the wave E within the whole wave-count increasing the bearish momentum till the final targets have been reached.

Taking all these factors into the consideration here the final breakout can setup faster than expected and then it will be important on how PLATINUM FUTURES setup the actual bearish momentum to develop within the wave-E of the whole wave-count because when the momentum is that strong reaching out to the initial target-zones marked in blue this can lead to a continuation just below these levels and a invalidation of the descending-channel into the lower directions. If this does not happen and PLATINUM FUTURES show up with the ability to stabilize within the final target-zones from there on the potential for a reversal increases and if this reversal setups, once it has emerged PLATINUM FUTURES also have the potential to show up with a final breakout out of the upper boundary of the descending-channel-formation. Especially with continued hawkish interest rate policy, in combination with the open interest in short-positions increasing exponentially, and the strong DXY putting bearish pressure on commodities as well as precious metals this is pointing to the final bearish acceleration and breakout developments to emerge realizing this whole bearish scenario.

In this manner, thank you everybody for watching the analysis, support from your side is greatly appreciated.

ANALYSIS UPDATE: PLATINUM FUTURES form a local bear-flag-formation that is likely to lead to a major breakout down the line.
ANALYSIS UPDATE: The supply and open interest in net-short for PLATINUM FUTURES is increasing massively within the recent times, setting up the final formation-completion to emerge.
ANALYSIS UPDATE: PLATINUM is validating the major bearish triangle-formation.

PLATINUM is likely to accelerate the heavy bearish dynamics next.


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