PLTR: I told you it was going to hit our TARGET! What's next?

NYSE:PLTR   Palantir Technologies Inc
Hello traders and investors! Yes, PLTR broke our target, and it is trading above it since our last analysis, last week, which was a crystal-clear buy opportunity. Now, what’s next for us?

First, in the 1h chart, we see that the trend is clearly bullish , and there’s not a single reversal or bearish sign around. Even if we see a top coming, our target at $ 27.47 is a support level for us, as it was a previous resistance. This happens thanks to the Principle of Polarity.

Now, let’s see the daily chart:

Yep, the situation is looking good here too. We have no top sign, and we can set a new target on PLTR: $ 31.34. This is a previous gap, which will be filled next.

Now, let’s see the weekly chart:

Yes, PLTR triggered the bullish pivot point when it broke the $ 27.47, and this is a big deal. This pivot point is a long-term reversal pattern, which has a target at $ 45.

First, let’s focus on the gap, ok, but technically, PLTR has everything to retest the $ 45 again.

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