ALERT! Potential breakout? PUNDIX ?

PUNDIX at 88 cents USD?

Turkey has historically been the junction between East and West. And now, with the Great Economic Divide happening between western FIAT based economics and crypto/ gold "alts" based eastern non-FIAT economies, one needs to wonder where this little "shitcoin" belongs? Right in the middle you say? Perhaps. If the good people of Turkey can continue to bridge the East and West as they have for centuries, we might have peace via crypto?

Is little tiny Pundi X well positioned to play both sides of the fence between the East and West? Maybe! The ultimate crap shoot "shitcoin". Of the rare gems that gets elevated from Shitcoin to $HITcoin? The replacement to the Lira? One can only dream of riches doing nothing but be lucky! LOL

It appears they are doing something... The project apparently has morphed into a POS (Point of Sale, crypto system) based out of Turkey and offering services to the West? Seems a worthy shitcoin to toss in some beer money to piss away? On the TA side of things we see one hell of a bull run on this coin when Bitcoin is ready to run. Descending bullish wedge and bullish sustained OBV makes this a good long shot to toss play money on.

Of course the standing bets are:
Bitcoin Rocks as King while Ethereum is our Queen. The new ETH is Elon compliant in terms of efficiency, speed and cost but in dollar and in energy.

#1 Coin BTC Bitcoin - Well, it rocks, it's the leader and it's getting lighting fast and cheap!
#2 Coin ETH Ethereum - DeFi king just got energy efficient with its upgrade to ETH2. You need some ETH just like Mastercard was needed to VISA's once monopoly
#3 Coin (casino pick of the of the day) - This one for now until the charts tell us to bail. We won't, we don't like to be negative and we're too busy being productive and positive.

Enjoy the $HIT coins and thousands of slot machines in this "sector". Play with care. Do good. :-)

Don't buy just yet, wait for confirmation and bail out on overbought RSI on this one. Until proven otherwise, expect shitcoins to be just that....