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US Market Sentiment and Swing-Trading Considerations -
NASDAQ Heatmap

Color-Coded Performance Indicators:

Green Boxes: Represent stocks that have had positive performance over the past week. The intensity of the green color indicates the level of positive performance, with darker greens showing stronger gains.
Red Boxes: Represent stocks that have experienced negative performance. Similarly, darker reds show larger declines.

Sector Analysis:
Technology Services: Companies like MSFT (Microsoft) and GOOG (Alphabet) show moderate gains, suggesting a positive sentiment in the technology services sector.

Electronic Technology: A mixed view with significant gains by NVDA (NVIDIA Corporation) but a slight decline in AAPL (Apple) indicating a divergence in performance within this sector.

Retail Trade: AMZN ( Inc) shows a strong performance, which is a positive sign for the e-commerce space within retail. However, PDD and MELI experienced notable declines.

Health Technology: Mostly green with strong performances from companies like AZN, indicating good momentum in this sector.

Consumer Durables: TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.) is down significantly, which could suggest a potential concern for the electric vehicle or broader consumer durables market.

Consumer Non-Durables: A mix of performance, though PEP is up, which might indicate stability in consumer staples.
Notable Stock Movements:
NVDA: The strong gain suggests investor confidence or positive news related to the semiconductor industry or the company specifically.
ADBE: The notable decline could be due to earnings reports, market sentiment, or sector-related news impacting software companies.
AMZN: A substantial increase like this could be driven by positive earnings, favorable market news, or successful business ventures.
TSLA: A sharp decline may be the result of negative press, disappointing earnings, or adverse industry developments.
Market Sentiment:

The overall market sentiment can be gauged by the balance of green to red. In this heatmap, green appears more prevalent in larger squares (representing larger companies by market cap), suggesting a cautiously optimistic sentiment among major players.

Considerations for Swing Trading:
Momentum Stocks: Stocks like AMZN and NVDA with strong positive momentum could be considered for a swing trade, following Minervini’s principle of trading in sync with the market trend.
Volume and Price Action: Before making trading decisions, it's important to analyze the volume and price action for confirmation of the trends suggested by the heatmap.
Potential Reversals: Stocks like TSLA and ADBE that have experienced significant drops might be scrutinized for potential reversals if they approach technical support levels.

Final Thoughts:
This heatmap is a snapshot and does not provide the granularity needed to make a final trading decision. It is a starting point for identifying potential stocks to trade. A trader following Minervini’s methodology would look for specific technical setups, such as tight price consolidation, relative strength, and trading volume, among other factors, before entering a trade.

It's also important to consider that the heatmap shows past performance, which is not always indicative of future results. Each potential trade should be evaluated in the context of current market conditions, news, and comprehensive technical analysis.

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