🆓Reef Finance/USDT Analysis (19/3) #REEF $REEF

REEF have just made a big dump a few days ago but that's not really a bad sign to REEF when there is a big buying force at 0.04$ zone, which can push REEF back to 0.055$ zone and even higher in the near future.
I think REEF is really a promising coin with many updates in next months

👉Mar 31 : Kusama Deployment
👉Mar 31 : Dot Basket Engine
👉Mar 31 : Chainlink Integration
👉Mar 31 : Yield Engine (v1)
👉Mar 31 : Reef Basket Engine (v1)
👉Mar 31 : ETH Deployment V1 Testing
👉Mar 31 : Multi-Ecosystem Support
👉Mar 31 : Fiat Gateways Integration
👉Jun 30 : Moonbeam Support
👉Jun 30 : Reef Vaults
👉Jun 30 : Reef Basket (Dynamic)
👉Jun 30 : Reef SDK
👉Jun 30 : Pooling Mechanism (v1)
👉Jun 30 : Reef DAO Structure
👉Jun 30 : Smart Asset Management v1
👉Sep 30 : Mobile App Init

-Buy: 0.038-0.040$. SL B
-Buy: 0.053-0.057$ if A. SL B

-Sell: 0.053-0.057$. SL A
-Sell: 0.083-0.087$. SL A
-Sell: 0.125-0.13$. SL A

-Sell: 0.038-0.040$ if B.SL A
-Buy: 0.025-0.027$. SL B

Condition A : "If 1D candle closes ABOVE this zone"
Condition B : "If 1D candle closes BELOW this zone"
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We did it mate!

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