CME_MINI:RTY1!   E-Mini Russell 2000 Index Futures
If you think it continues the trend, then buy the dip at ~2145
Every other index is right near ATH , Russel has been stalling since March. Russel should have room to catch up. The issue with Russel is meme stocks, and speculative assets are getting crushed right now. Where as other indexes like the Nasdaq composite has strong assets to carry the thousands of others.
Comment: Seemed to bounce early, but seeing resistance at 382 coming back up... So not a confirmed. May get dumped US open again.
Comment: It retested the march low. It was oversold, and now has bought the dip back to trend. If you're bullish buy now.
Comment: We've already shot up 2.2% Now we may be overbought on the day
Comment: It did, get pushed down quite strong, I expect it to bounce up from the fib if we're bullish.