This is a 15 minute graph showing an illustration of a Wyckoff event occurring on the one minute time scale, the overall percentage drop from top to bottom was roughly 5%.

overall Rune usually moves similar to bitcoins trend on lower time scales but with higher volatility in price ranges, usually between 0.1 - 0.5% per minute.

I think the Cryptocurrency has potential, although it hasn't gained as much attraction as LUNA, C98 . Its still in early times of some large moves due to 27% of Rune locked into Thorchains liquidity protocol.

Personally I have no analysis or real impressions over where i believe Rune could go from here, I just found the pattern to be very interesting. Hope you enjoy!

the time signatures are listed if you would like to plot the event yourself as I cant show the one minute time scale on the Ideas bored but interested to see if other coins have experienced the same event!