SHIB is repeating DOGE history 😲😲

I decided to analyse DOGE and SHIB in comparison with each other. SHIB is repeating price movements almost identical to those of DOGE. There was a very long accumulation on the DOGE chart, after which price broke through it and DOGE rose by 500%. SHIB has now also broken through a strong accumulation and reached a high of 300%. After such a strong accumulation, the price can continue its rise further. If you bought and hold SHIB, I would recommend locking in 20-30% profit now. If the price reaches the 500% rise mark, the best opportunity would be to sell another 70-80% of all coins, as DOGE fell 60% last time after such a strong rise. If SHIB repeats the same pattern, you can buy more coins at a 60% discount .

Write in the comments all your questions and instruments analysis of which you want to see.

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P.S. I personally will open entry if the price will show it according to my strategy.
Always make your analysis before a trade.
Comment: πŸš€#Shiba hit MY TP βœ…βœ…. NExt trade idea is...

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Comment: #Shibainu hit my SLπŸ›‘, I wait for a new trade opportunity

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Comment: Shiba - trend line break up the pattern. I personally trade it IF bear trap happens before break up.
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