Silver not likely to go lower than it is right now

Silver ended last week not looking so good, and it has lead to a bad start for this week too. After breaking below $25 resistance, it has held above the next level of 24.75. It is likely to retest this zone again this week, so depending when you're reading this the title of this article may not be exactly true - but I'm really looking at where silver is likely to close at the end of the week. It's looking a bit oversold.

I like to look at the silver /usd chart, but when I want to take a deeper look at how silver is doing on a global scale, then I look at the silver / DXY . Makes sense, right? If you know what the dxy is. Anyway, that's the chart I have posted here. As you can see, silver has hit the bottom of an ascending wedge . These ascending wedges have been bullish for silver for the past decade at least. The price action could dip below this line throughout the week, but as long as it closes on Friday at or above this line, then it is considered to still be holding.

That's great news for silver apes. The only unfortunate part about this is that by this chart... it looks like we'll have to wait a while before silver breaks above $30. Like sometime in 2022. Actually that's not that bad. Probably will be here before we know it. For people stacking for decades, that's nothin
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