Why isn't SILVER rallying

BATS:SLV   iShares Silver Trust

1. No one has any money
2. People are buying something else
3. People have changed their beliefs

Responses to statements:
1. Recessions do weaken "excess funds"
to speculate on stocks and commodities .
2. People are buying T-Bonds instead.
3. People are buying the idea that DEFLATION
is in the future instead of inflation .


Go long SLV here:
Stop loss 27 initially.

The market can rise
sharply on the hint
or the idea that a new
QE (Quantitative Easing)
will be launched. But
EXIT on that reality.
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Today is a set-up for an acceleration to the upside. Why? Because note in the chart where I wrote "We need to see Buyers get control by keeping the low of the day above $27.39". Today so far shows that buyers are in control, so there is a chance for a good rally over the next 8-10 days. Why 8-10 days? Because there are that many days of time just spent just under current price levels. Upside is for a move of $2 to $29-$30. $27.64 last at 3:11PM EST Tuesday, June 5, 2012
timwest timwest
Did anyone notice this comment? SLV up 4% this morning right after this comment yesterday. Now that Europe has held rates steady and "Operation Twist" is still ongoing... the flood of "paper money" should encourage people to "sell paper" and "buy REAL goods". Cheers. Tim 9:45AM EST Jun 6, 2012
Tim, do you think (what appears to be) resistance ($30-31) will break this time?
timwest StopPrintinMoney
I think it will chew through that resistance over time, perhaps five days. What I will watch when it gets there is what the other markets are doing. If bonds continue to hold away from their highs and if stocks are holding above their lowest daily ranges, then I will be far more constructive for silver to begin the next big leg UP to new highs over $50. But I am patient and aware that trading involves risk. Long term prospects for silver are very favorable. In the short run, watch how the markets move around news to signal how much money is ready, willing and able to enter the market.
Makes sense, thanks!
I believe silver has begun its rally. Unfortunately slv does not track overnight movements of silver so I can not properly chart the movements on here. I have convincing charts on July futures of silver. If someone know how to post futures on silver I will gladly post them.
Type in "SIN2012", "ZIN2012", https://www.tradingview.com/e/EussWQoP/
Ape timwest
I need an hourly chart to show the pattern that I am referring to.