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NYSE:SPCE   Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc
We most likely will create a giant weekly M pattern before breaking out strongly to the upside. This pattern is going to take a long long time to play out so set your alerts at $15 and forget about it.

In the mean time there will be bounces and drops for short term weekly option trades.
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Bunch of BS. No way this thing is going down to $15 or $5. Why should someone think it will keep going down after they had a successful trip to space a few weeks ago? This thing will be up to $40 or more before you know it
Thank you for idea, do you can please analyse $nakd ?
@Najah000 ye I will this week
@Najah000 I just took a look, this is a fantastic buy and hold for the next 5-10 years. outside of my timeframe but I see this hitting 2k over the next few years. very long term play.
Have you traded Big Ms before with the left leg almost the same as the low in the middle of the M?
Also, does it matter if the price has pauses or pullbacks on the daily scale on the way up to the first peak of the left leg of the Big M?
@dfiguere, Good question. I think I understand what you are saying so I'll answer with exactly what I want to see in an M pattern.

It needs to have a parabolic move up, parabolic move down, parabolic move up, parabolic move down.

The middle of the M needs to be a deep drop, not shallow.

Small peaks and valleys may be in the legs up or down but generally you want it to be parabolic in all directions on all legs.

It can respect the high or fake it out.

The best recent example of an M pattern is gamestop. Go to the MN timeframe scroll back before the main move and you will have the exact pattern I am talking about.

It is a great pattern for long term investing because you can buy stocks super cheap with massive upside.
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@Sam6577 also change medication too
Why you think it will go to 5 or 15 dollar ?