NYSE:SPCE   Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc
For those investors new to Virgin Galactic and Square, I want to introduce some key background trends affiliated with all things innovative with flying to outer space and using a mobile wallet.

Virgin Galactic went to space successfully with 7 astronaut types including their own well trained pilots, some of which are superceded by NASA's own program, left NASA to conglomerate with Disney and Virgin. Not only is Virgin Galactic a short for me, as far as new industry, competition from commodities , entertainment backed media, it's a long after this small cap becomes a major billionaire player.

Trips to space are starting at 250,000$ USD and we're averaging $400,000 there for a short while. This is a philanthropist space flight to low Earth orbit, and the central focus is to cheaply, more affordably generate human passage, as well as, cargo passage to space or via low Earth orbit to other parts of the world not just the Milky Way. Virgin has a central focus on 2 hr flights from California coast to Bejing. The same focus from New York to Central America. A fast plane is the entirety of the plan.

The obvious is slowing down progression, renewal of fuels, war time efforts, choppy handed CEOs (I think they were forced to resign), once they got Facebook out of the picture and NASA and Disney stepped in to make it a literal roller coaster ride. SPCE a Short because, this will make money now and most likely there will be small profit taking through out SPCE's climb to MARS. As far as technical analysis is concerned SPCE earned a A+ for growth, and their financials are reliant on many aspects related retail, government, private sector, and commodity driven speculation. Going to be a bumpy ride for awhile. I think this is neat and super cool and interesting.

SQ isn't going to space as far as I'm concerned or know of but this fintec company has a lot going in it's own direction, the crypto wallet craze CASH App is available for multiple platform use, a on the go Bitcoin wallet, and exchange wallet for majors like BLOCK and SPCE . Yes, you can buy and sell shares of Square and Virgin along with your Bitcoins . BLOCKS central focus is software based BNPL aquisitions, ways to improve moving currency with a long way to go indeed. A reminder that BLOCK fell against the tradewinds because of a rumor that Jack Dorsey ( Blockhead not CEO) left Twitter and wanted to nestle and nest down on currency exchange and banking and music streaming, and bitcoins oh, and Sqaure. Basically, it's like a banking software company that can't help you bank your marijuana profit necessarily until now!

Square is a software package versitile on Android but specifically Apple products and the company really pushes the use of apple products for store locations for their retail end users, regardless of purchases made at retail locations, like the brick and mortor clients and customers can order online using whatever devices they like. Largely there is a lot of upside potential, seeing that the money is a big, fat, chunk, billionaires wallet type of trade, I'm going long with Dorsey for the few reasons: A) the rule of large numbers, the more volume and more money will create some volitility, but will slow down reversals and create longer trading patterns especially, since this is tech stock and technology always has a lot of players. B) This is a very new company as well, plenty of room for interesting growth and opportunities especially if BLOCK and even SPCE get a better grip on their financials. The whole Bitcoin thing is still scary.

Regardless of scary Bitcoins , Cash App is still something we can use cash with. Yes, you can deposit cash without a bank teller by using Cash Apps gps guide to deposit locations. The local listings include : near by gas stations, ( Speedway, Casey's ECT) Dollar General, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Seven Eleven. This is a super neat thing and the money is available instantly! If you need to deposit into your bank account that takes two days. And this is a Cash Mobile app with Visa debit card so you control what value to add to the card at all times, as well as peer to peer cash exchanges. There is even direct deposit and tax filing involved.

The entire idea is to introduce consumer small business to the layman and maybe just some regular cute stuff as well. I think it's cute. And even though I blew my lid at their 2$ on top of my 3$ ATM fees (5$ total at ATM) I'm not ready to put it down. I'm able to avoid a banking scam better because my account is separated by 3degress of Jack Dorsey. Don't make me regret it.

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