Spendcoin Has Little Time Left | Over 555% Possible, Easy!

If I were you I wouldn't want to miss out on Spendcoin (SPNDBTC) next bullish wave...

The last wave for SPNDBTC produced over 430% in gains... This new one will be bigger/stronger, so we are looking at 740%+ from bottom to top or around 500% from current prices.

  • The RSI is now strong and trending up/moving higher.
  • The MACD is showing a strong bullish divergence .
  • Prices are now trading above EMA10.
  • Green volume is dominant for the past 8 days.
  • TD Sequential is bullish .

Previous chart with 320%+ of collected profits

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Any updates? Or time frame for movement?
AlanSantana Ahmad010
@Ahmad010, It's been about 4.5 months since the last high... It can take another month if it takes a lot, or it can move within 1-2 weeks... It varies wildly, completely random. But they all move in a cycle and together with the market, the bots move the coins in groups.
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Something is happening, it’s either some one or the company itself trying to keep the price at 15 sat, huge buy wall is at 16 sat for the last 4 days..!! Any idea what’s going on?
mintags Ahmad010
@Ahmad010, Hard one to figure out, on the surface the fundamentals for this company appear to be a+ and from the circulating supply to what gets released every year for the foundation there doesn't seem to be much incentive for the company to keep the price low.. time will tell
spnd should go up now
have a look in the orderbook. SPND will not go up. There are orders at, for example, 2400 sat for 270BTC. Why should such a volume be bought up? The order is not even cleverly distributed, but stupidly all at once. If people build in such resistance, it will just bounce off
tomdelic hodl_ok
@hodl_ok, Yes but at the other hand currently SPND holds the 820th place among other cryptocurrency, with a market cap of 1.3 million. It makes no sense, comparing it to others, comparing it with daily volume, that it's priced that low. So someone has an other plan than valuing it properly, compared to other coins. Strange strange strange.... Don't know what to think. And agree with you, those orders are insane.
tomdelic tomdelic
@tomdelic, on the other hand*
hodl_ok tomdelic
@tomdelic, yes, that`s true
hodl_ok hodl_ok
greed eats brain