SP:SPX   S&P 500 Index
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Suggest you, take a look at the index S&P500             , starting from 4 march 1957 year to current day, in terms of the Elliotte Waves, Market Profile, Volume , Cluster&Delta analysis! We hope that our modest work, will help many traders in the World to find the way of truth in future market prices! (We are sure, that you can predict better, than this one)
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we are at a 1.61 extension of the previous range and banging the ceiling now for over a year... can stay like this for a long time imho
I have a severe case of analysis paralysis...
Reekardo TomProTrader
the whole market - not just you... look at open interest... all over theplace for opex... had you sold a naked straddle ATM last year at this time, you would have been 99% profit - unreal.
Not sure how that relates to my comment- but I will willingly agree.
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Reekardo TomProTrader
@Tom_Killick, long bond/short equity funds are getting executed since brexit/trexit. this may continue for another year or so until october 2017.
Hello Trader Reekardo! You are right! The whole market, look at open interest, but "OI" it's just a product of mass psychology. Accordingly, mass psychology (including "OI") is the sphere of reseach by the Wave Theory. So, the waves which reflected on the charts, it's the answer to your question. Of course, we are rich&profitable, cause we take only 50-70% from market. By the way, 99% profit is real, but it doesn't apply to your strategy.
nice count!
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