INDEX:SPX   S&P 500 Index
Hello Traders!
The very interesting situation in the S&P500             index (ES). Suppose, that the market can take a form of Horizontal Triangle (EWA/EWP HT             3-3-3-3-3) So, we will try to buy near 1-st Strong Buyer's Support and take long position at the price 1871.00 (863 843 lots). The price target - 2089.00, our hedging risk T/P - 2035.00, S/L - 1870.00 (Of course S/L 1870.00 it's the approximately price, the accurate enter to the market, will produce by the detailed EWA/EWP on 1 minute chart, using Market Profile, Volume , Footprint, Depth of Market&Order Flow analysis) If you want to see the video of our trading, be active! Subscribe and vote for us!
Sincerely yours, Powerful Traders.
did we hit the target on WAVE 5
@Reekardo, hi!
No we didn't. The true target of 5-th wave more higher!
Best regards, team of Kazakhstan traders "Powerful Traders"