Sector Winners and Losers week ending 6/25

SP:SPX   S&P 500 Index
Energy ( XLE ) and Financials ( XLF ) topped the sector list this week. Energy continues to rise while crude oil prices hit record highs. Financials ( XLF ) is recovering along with yields on Treasury Bonds, which both were hit by the hawkish stance from the Fed last week.

At the bottom of the sector list were the defensive sectors. Utilities ( XLU ) was the only sector to decline this week.

The growth sectors mixed with the cyclical sectors in the middle of the list.
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Our group is buying BAP from Peru. New president elected last Saturday committed to support all kind of investment, especially in mining. So BAP will rise to 150 breakout. CAT will rise to breakout 250 this week. TSLA for sure 740 breakout will come due to high gasoline price at the pump. So TSLA car purchases always rise in Summer. Summer is for Real Estete, so ZILLOW (Z) will pop this week to crossover 50 MA, The same for ABNB that it will hit new high above its 50 MA this week. ABNB will short squeeze this week along with Zillow (Z). CNBC talked today about buying Z now, SO economy is solid, GDP is solid, but most importantly more corps beat earnings Q3, Q4, Q1. So no need for sell off. Only a fool will think that against TRUTH. Truth will prevail and lead. buy BAP, TSLA, CAP, ABNB, Z tomorrow