Where Does The Index Go From Here

SP:SPX   S&P 500 Index
This is the plan based on the daily data tracking back to 1877 (my projected beginning of the Grand SuperCycle for you EW followers). Looking at a solid market top around the month of April 2022. I have charted the likely ups and downs to it. For now, looking at a near-term top around this Friday at noon which should begin a roughly 13-15 trading day drop of about 221 to 261 points. All other points are estimates for now.

I plan to update this path as we move through it. Wave 3 could provide great opportunities. After April 2022 will likely see many rough months, but have no fear as all-time highs will be back....eventually.
Comment: Just for clarification sake of the wave colors and numbers. I have the market presently in:

Submillenium wave 1 (began in 1877)
Grand SuperCycle wave 5
SuperCycle wave 3
Cycle wave 1
Primary wave 5 (blue numbers in circles)
Intermediate wave 1 (magenta numbers in parenthesis)
Minor wave 5 (yellow numbers)

I have Minor wave 5 ending with Intermediate wave 1 this week. Forecasting Intermediate wave 2 to drop over the next 12-15 trading days after that which would have the bottom around December 9. Intermediate wave 3 will go up into March 2022 timeframe. Intermediate wave 4 would drop around the same length as Intermediate wave 2 and then Intermediate wave 5 will end with Primary wave 5 and Cycle wave 1 around April 2022. The preceding drop for Cycle wave 2 would likely see a drop into summer 2022, but then Cycle wave 3 will see the market soar for quite sometime.

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