SP500 Buying Index Twitter 44/289 (warnings-manipulations)

FX:SPX500   S&P 500 Index
Pay attention to the dates of Ilon Musk's statements about the “grand purchase” of $44 billion (some sources of information have 43, but most advertise as 44 for obvious reasons) of the social network from which he broadcasts.

Probably many people understand what 44 is and why that particular number and time is chosen. 44 is a warning that is often used in various media, especially in the era of the crown virus and various “military operations” not only of Russia (as a plan and coordination of one).

On April 4 (44) Musk bought a 9.2% stake in Twitter for 2.89 billion (area + level). On April 25 (25/4) he already bought for 44 billion.

Naturally, it can cheat because the crowd must lose, knowing the exact value—it wins. As an option, these are directions to fuel the first decline (which everyone is selling now because they realize they will buy at a lower level), and the reversal will happen much sooner (planned and coordinated by various major market participants, the world situation).

Basic things in trading never change. Only the adjustment to the new scenery of market reality changes. Trading is primarily a projection of the human psyche onto a chart, and then everything else.

Pay attention also to the dates, there may be events that will be displayed on the price of assets, quite possibly on the index (it is not necessary, but it should be taken into account). For your eyes will go dark, from lack of understanding and lack of communication with the "battle hamsters", and you will not understand the main trick of the "noble hustlers" to save the world. After a while you will read another fairy tale as justification for the "market direction effect" (capital annexation).

For such a fall to take place, which is "secretly told to the world" by "the mouthpiece of the 'brand-man' Tweeter" (behind him are other people not from the "conspiracy theory" section), it is necessary that a "great sadness" takes place in the USA and in the world (as a projection of the locomotive of the world economy), which will strongly hit the economy of this country, which will be reflected on this index.

The chart shows 2 previous crises and their significant corrections, and of course, the V-shaped reversal. We should first of all understand that the price is currently under the uptrend line, and this fact cannot be hidden. The reversal (recovery) can happen only when the descending secondary trend line (purple) will be broken through and the price will fix above it, and the growth of the price (growth of the markets) will start.

A fractal is a cloned psychological behavior of people projected on a price chart.

Can it be a trick? Undoubtedly, yes. Limit your risks, do not hurry with entry points like in long / short and have a "safety cushion $". The basis of earnings at a distance, no matter what trends—it's your trading strategy and risk management (knowledge, projected into actions based on your experience).

No matter how much virtual money you have earned in the market, as long as this profit is not materialized in tangible goods and services—it is zero.

If you work in shorts (on any asset stock, cryptocurrency, and so on...), be sure to use a stop and move it after the decline. So that your profit doesn't turn into a loss.

I purposely attached my previous trading/learning idea on a live chart (see update and description). See how this stock took money by manipulating long and short squeezes while the price was going down.

GEVO. Manipulation Short squeeze. How short positions are reset

Also check out this idea of learning/observing from Dow Jones. For a general understanding of the processes.
This index, along with the SP 500, represents the situation in the U.S. and the world. There is an extensive article on this topic.

Dow Jones 1915-2020 History of key U-turns. Situation now.
Comment: DJI is in the moment.
Comment: Trading situation now. The price has broken the downtrend. After the breakdown, a bearish "bat" harmonious pattern is formed in the descending channel. Linear chart to remove squeezes and show the trend. Important levels, trend and reversal zones on which the further development of the trend depends are shown on the chart.

A slight increase in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is a projection of the recovery of the stock market after the recession. Bitcoin follows the “mood” of the stock market, the crypto market follows the “mood” of bitcoin. There is currently no inverse correlation.
Comment: 10 06
Comment: -5% from a local uptrend breakout. If we hold these levels zones, then a double bottom is formed and the dynamic support of the descending channel is kept. If, then sadness).
Comment: Timeframe 3 days. -11% Decrease continues. There was no stop of decline from the zone of dynamic support. The price of the index against the backdrop of inflation reports and the US consumer price index (1006 update on this price index in the US) broke through the dynamic support of the local channel - zone 3844. This is not a good sign.

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