SUI- Great but 2.03 is Resistance

🌟 Bitcoin's Breakout Surge: Professor's Big Charts Revealed 🌟

πŸ“ˆ Live Analysis Incoming!
Prepare for an in-depth journey through Bitcoin's latest surge as we go live on TradingView. Get ready for a session packed with insights and the unveiling of the Professor's big chart. Join us: Live Stream: www.tradingview.com/streams/2lk3mF3VX-/

πŸš€ The Breakout Chart Breakdown
Witness the bullish momentum as Bitcoin smashes past the $47,650 barrier. With my analysis, we're looking at a bull run targeting $59.9K,
, and the ambitious $79K. 🎯 Stay bullish and watch as the charts unfold the story live!

πŸ’Ή Historic Patterns: A Roadmap to $79K
Reflect on the last breakout at $31,100 and its staggering rise to $46,000. Our charts have been the compass leading us to these profitable winds. Don't miss out as we dissect the potential climb to $79K, live!

πŸ” Last Year's Chart: The Trendline Triumph
Cast your minds back to January 2023, when Bitcoin was a humble $18,000. Fast forward, and we're witnessing a breakout reminiscent of December 2020's rally from $7,500 to $24,000. Could we be on the cusp of reaching new all-time highs? Let's explore together.

⏱️ Halving Cycles: This Time It's Different
Every cycle writes its own story, and this one's no exception. We're approaching the halving with a market more aware and ready to advance. Tune in as we analyze why we might see an all-time high sooner than the previous cycles.

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There's much more to cover, from halving cycles to breakout patterns. Ensure you're part of the live session for a comprehensive analysis that could redefine your trading strategy.

Catch the full live session and secure your front-row seat to Bitcoin's exciting journey: Join the Live Stream: www.tradingview.com/streams/2lk3mF3VX-/

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