TAL Education Dead Cat Bounce ?

NYSE:TAL   TAL Education Group
Think about this perspective: a temporary recovery in share prices after a substantial fall, caused by speculators buying in order to cover their positions. this is the Dead Cat Bounce!

China's crackdown on for-profit education companies was a disaster for traders not using a stop loss.

In the 52 Week Range TAL Education Group went from 90.96 to 4.03usd.

After-school tutoring institutions must transform themselves into "nonprofit organizations".

Jim Cramer (Mad Money) on China's tech crackdown: You can't own Chinese stocks!

ARK Invest dumps Chinese stocks.

It seems dangerous to hold Chinese stocks right now.

US-listed Chinese companies have three years to comply with US accounting oversight, to comply with the rules of accounting and transparency that American public companies must follow, if not they will get delisted.

This looks like the beginning of China`s stock market crash.

I`m looking forward to read your opinion about this!