NASDAQ:TLT   Ishares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF

tlt looks to have been in a prolonged triple 3 correction for this complex wave 4
triple 3's can be described as an area of re-accumulation by smart money, before the next mark up phase begins.

after hitting the downside wave 4 algo target perfectly today, i do think the triple 3 has been completed.
possible it hangs out around this range for a few more days to meet the fib-time ratio for this w4.


my upside target sits at $157, but there's a good posibility it goes higher than what i am current projecting here.

stop loss below the 0.382

ps. the debt ceiling vote later today might play a big influence on where tlt goes next - so def make sure to keep a tight stop, just in case that vote ends up flopping.

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