TNX has to complete triple bottom or inverted head and shoulders

TNX has been in a channel for a long time, forming a base of a triple bottom or an inverted head and shoulders . Once the right shoulder or third touch is made, we go up from there. If we don't the bond market (inverted) will go pop, and eventually burst. This is a fantastic indicator that most don't factor in. Dollar strength... if it continues to go higher, that's bad - too high, and if it goes lower, that's bad - stock will follow indicating weaker economy ahead. This QE experiment has finally failed. Cannot continue to devalue currencies, and have the dollar be the sacrificial lamb. The rubber band has been stretched so tight, it is about to give out. Cannot continue to store money at a cost, Cash/dollar is better alternative, until it is not. And then... where to put your money, the mattress in the next bank. So I am short until we touch, then HOPEFULLY long, so this economy doesn't crumble. FED rate cut should help that. And if they stick to their data is strong, economy is strong thing, then they will be way behind the curve here, and the TNX will crash below the third 138. And then playing catch up will be impossible. They are in a touch, very delicate, very fragile spot. Hope they chose wisely.

I haven't posted in a wile, so to all my followers, this moment in time calls for sharing this info, hope you all fare well.