A quick reminder about the previous Wedge/Pennant on Total chart

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CRYPTOCAP:TOTAL   Crypto Total Market Cap, $
So I started charting this pattern in 2022 it was a falling wedge but on even larger time frames I realized it was not just a falling wedge but a bullish pennant as well. We broke up from this pattern all the way back at the beginning of 2023 and as you can see here on the monthly chart, price action did what it usually does once it breaks up from a large timeframe wedge and we are already well on our way and have unquestionably validated its breakout. What struck me as astonishing about ths pattern was that its measured move target was all the way up around 17 trillion. However not long after charting the target, maybe a couple months at most, news broke I think possibly via Forbes that Black Roc was saying 15 trillion in liquidity was going to be soon flooding into the crypto markets. When I read this it suddenly made the 17 trillion target make perfect sense. Now that we are seeing these ETFs cause huge pumps week after week I wanted to kind of repost a slightly cleaned up rendition of the previous version of this chart I posted to make it slightly easier to keep an eye on price action as it continues its way towards such a massive target. Also to remind people that this is where we are heading. Interestingly enough, another bull pennant we broke up from on the larger timeframe logarithmic chart also had this exact same target as its full measured move. So I suppose there is a chance that since it will take 2-3 bull markets for that previous bull pennant tor each its fulll target tat ts possible for this current pennant to not reach its full target in the current bull run but instead the very next one. However at the parabolic pace and momentum we are starting to gain thanks to spot etfs, it’s very very plausible we can reach 17 trillion on the current bull run. I will be keepin a close eye on this target, the pi cycle top indicator, and my pitchfork of channels that tie multiple cycles tops and bottoms together for the best signal of when the top is truly in. *not financial advice*
The yellow dotted line to the left is the measured move line from the bullish pennant we broke out of 2 bull market ago. Its target is almost identical to the current pennants breakout target which makes for some compelling bullish confluence.
2.208 target has been hit

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