BINANCE:TRXUSD   TRON / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Just as we were starting to see TRX/BTC gain some momentum, it looks like we may need to take a further breather with the USD pair. I would absolutely like to be wrong on this one... but it wouldn't be a bad idea to stack some more TRON at lower prices. We all know where this company is headed. Of course we want to wait for the neckline break. Either way, the drop wouldn't be too big and it won't last too long.

Elliot wave analysis: It is pretty obvious that we are in a corrective wave B. We are experiencing this correction after such a nice run that brought us to 18 cents for the first time since 2017. I will stick with Wave B being the case as the RSI is heading into overbought territory on the 4 hour time frame. The main trend line (yellow) would be the next point of attack after wave c is finished. I wouldn't rely on a direct hit but within a nice range if you are looking to get your order filled.

Of course we have to confirm that the neckline has been broken. Always look for confirmation and keep an eye on that RSI . I'm neutral for now without confirmation. But overall, BULLISH . We are in a BULL MARKET. Tron should test it's all time high within month/s. Conservatively.

Comment: Moment of truth for this pattern. We will know in the next few days. This is the one that I really wouldn't mind being wrong on BUT I also would love to snag some at a discount. Remember, we must wait for neckline break. Typically....
Comment: Ayyyy, could we be seeing some cup and handle action??? Maybe. A little too early too tell. I'll check back in a few days, if we break above the left shoulder I will come back and close this one out.
Trade closed: target reached: Pattern didn't work out as planned. But target was reached and surpassed.