$TSLA on the road back to $900?

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
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My team and I undoubtedly agree that Tesla ($TSLA) has incredible potential and upside, both short and long term. Having someone as renowned as Elon Musk at the helm of operations adds a sort of "social equity." At its founding, Tesla took a large risk by attempting to cultivate and advance the electric vehicle scene. The company has ramped up operations in recent years, and appears to be ahead of its competitors in the electric vehicle space. This paired now with its current operations in the solar energy/energy alternative industry, Tesla is attempting to shift the market's normal consumer demands. These shifts are presently altering some trends that have been apparent for over one hundred years; i.e. the gas/ oil automobile industry, as well as thermal energy powering many residential and commercial buildings in the United States.

Tesla has been going through a correction from a $900 price point hit earlier this January. Based on its chart, it appears that there is a support level at $550. Past that, there doesn't appear to be much structure on the charts, simply due to Tesla's huge run from $70 since March 2020 has not allowed for a clear trend and/or structure to emerge due to its huge value increase. The only trend that appears at Tesla's current price level is a bullish trend started in the middle of this past May. Tesla is at a resistance point on the charts currently, it has pushed to a $700 price point, and has bounced off of this resistance level 3 times. Regardless of this resistance, Tesla has clear bullish sentiment, and could break through this $700 price point in the next few weeks. Through its current pattern, this company has potential to hit a $1,000 price point. This price point will not be reached anytime soon, but the company could see itself in the $800-$900 per share price range before the end of 2021.

At its current price point under $700 per share, we believe this stock is undervalued. This price point could be a "golden-egg" entry for people wanting to hold Tesla for years to come. Whether attempting to hold $TSLA for the long, or wanting to turn some profit in the short, seeking an entry in $TSLA in its current state appears to make sense.

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