Uniswap - expect a large upside move - fractal

COINBASE:UNIUSD   Uniswap / U.S. Dollar
The last time a ‘great buy’ signal flashed on price action (during a bull market) (purple circles) price action moved up 2000%. Not saying that’s going to happened again. However we do have a fractal .

1) RSI resistance break out.

2) ‘W’ formation in price action printing a new higher low.

3) The new higher low prints on the golden ratio just as before.

4) Price action moves above the dotted line. Anyone know what it is? It is not a moving average!

5) Lastly, look at the weekly chart below. I’ve scanned all alt coins traded on Binance / Coinbase.. No other alt token is printing / closed with a Dragonfly DOJI candle on the weekly of this magnitude. This is huge buying pressure at play. (it is also printing on 10-day chart).

1st target $160

Good luck!


Weekly chart
Trade active: Not 1, not 2, 3..4..5 no 8 oscillators are printing bullish divergence with price action. That's amazing. This is all happening as price action just tested the annual EMA (little green line - now have enough data to show this EMA!).

Comment: Expect a move to $30 soonish.

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