BRR pattern points to a true Santa rally for bonds.

TVC:US10Y   US Government Bonds 10 YR Yield
A rare chart pattern second in predictive power to only the famous head and shoulders is the Bump and Run Reversal (BRR) technical pattern.

If it is so powerful, why is it so unheard of?
1) They are rare. But a recent BRR of very high consequence is the 2022 DXY chart.
2) They usually only occur on high time frames as they measure manias and blow off tops, or in the inverse, manic selling followed by a return to normal.
3) They are hard to chart
4) They give predictive power in terms of time, not in terms of a "measured move" of price, but in the other dimension time.

This chart shows a clear BRR reversal, 55 days in the manic up pattern, the "bump". 55 Days in the return to trend or "run". Which would create a 10 year US Treasury bond rally and likely a rally in risk on assets. Which lands us, perfectly, at yields dropping until Monday December 25th 2023.

Merry Christmas Traders!
Trade active:
So far so good, rates declining at the same gradient as predicted.
Huge drop in rates again today following commentary from the Federal Reserve. Looking like we hit our target ahead of time at this rate!
Less than 0.1% percentage points to target. Crypto has been playing along beautifully as it benefits most from the lower rates environment. Some strength in the smaller cap tech stocks (Russel 2000 IWM ) as well.

Feel free to take some profits here and reallocate as you like.


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