DJIA/US30 potentially last top before strong down move

FX:US30   Index of top 30 shares on Wall Street
Bearflag/Triangle pattern is about to get finished. Today or tomorrow, expecting big move. Either up or down.
A further delay to a more stronger upmove is unlikely. If long, retesting 16700, then 17100..

Short target for dow when it's going down, likely sub 15000.
Potential targets:
14100 points(2007 high)
12800 points(2011 high)
The above targets are for september.
Potential recovery to it's new highs starting in december.
Anything lower could be targets like(these targets won't happen this year imo             , likely next year):
10000 points
8000 points
6000 points

Also rest of indexes are correlated with each other so all of them are going down.